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We offer specialist guided Hunting Safaris and Tiger Fishing Safaris.


Our Team?

Our Professional Hunters (PHs) are experienced in pursuing the Big Five, as well as the plains game of Southern Africa. All the staff and PHs are committed to making your African safari the experience of a lifetime.

What We Do?

Clients will be transported by vehicle from the Airport to the hunting concessions, or they can be taken by a chartered plain or helicopter to the area at an extra cost. All 4x4 vehicle transport will be included during your hunt.

Who We Are?

Guwelu Safaris, established in 2002 by Sakkie Marais, is a hunting outfitter based in the Limpopo Province, just two a half hours drive North of Johannesburg International Airport

Why Choose Us?

With tailor made and personalized hunting Safaris in some of the most beautiful parts of South Africa, we specialize in hunting the Big Five and Plains Game.

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The best time to book a hunt is normally from April to September, however other times are also available. From April to end of September the rainy season, and the plains dry up. The dry season makes for more visibility in the bush, making it primary hunting time.


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The nights might be as cold as 32 Degrees Fahrenheit, so for early morning and late afternoon drives it's best to bring along a warm jackets. In the daytime the temperatures might go up to 78 degrees. On the hunting concessions we have lot of thorn trees, strong long trousers will help to protect your legs.


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Remember that the African sun is strong, so be sure to pack a good sun block. Bring enough of your personal medication for your trip. Please let you Outfitter know of any medical condition and dietary needs, this way he can make you trip a more pleasant one. All PH's are trained for medical emergency but Medical Doters will be within 1 hours drive. Planes and helicopters are on standby if need be, and some of the best medical facilities in the world are readily available to us.


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Be sure to always use good construction bullets that will not break up on impact, as African game does not die easy. While hunting African plains game the .270 or 7mm will be the minimum calibre for small game. A normal hunting distance is between 100 m and 150 m so slower heavy bullets work very well. Best across the board ammo would be the class of .30-06 and 300 Win Mag. with 180 gr bullets.


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On bigger game such as Eland or Giraffe, go for a .375 H&H Mag. The Big Five will take a minimum of .375 H&H Mag. If you can handle something bigger, the African Buffalo, Elephant and Hippo would be the place to use it. Shotguns are preferred as a 12GA but 20GA can also work well. Ammo for other calibres than 12 GA might be a problem in South Africa.


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Compound, longbows and re-curve bows can be used on Plains game. Although no regulation regarding draw weight exists it is recommended to use bows with the following specifications on different game: Small Game (Duiker, Steenbok, Impala) requires a minimum of 40 lbs and a minimum arrow weight of 350 gr. Medium Game (Kudu, Wildebeest, Nyala) requires a minimum of 55 lbs and a minimum arrow weight of 500 gr. Large or Dangerous Game (Buffalo, Giraffe) requires a minimum of 70 lbs and a minimum arrow weight of 700 gr.

Our Professional Hunters


Sakkie started hunting as a professional in 1993. His hunting was predominantly conducted in Zimbabwe until late 2000. During this time he hunted the Big Five as well as plains game. At present he hunts in the Northern parts of South Africa. Sakkie specializes in plains game, Leopard and bird Hunting.

His passion for the African Bush and his vast knowledge of the local animal, bird and plant life will add to the life changing experience you will have while hunting in with Guwelu in South Africa!



Having grown up in the hunting environment, he spent time in the bush in Mozambique, Zimbabwe and South Africa. Theuns did his apprenticeship as a Professional Hunter with William Drummond in South Africa. After his studies in Nature Managment in 2011 he qualified as a PH. After his training, Theuns traveled to All Ain in the Middle East to work and conduct safaris. After his time in the Middle East he moved to Mozambique to get more in depth experience in dangerous game hunting.

Theuns great knowledge in hunting makes him an excellent guide for the first time hunter, as well as the experienced. He is a specialist in his field and excels with Bow Hunters.



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